The Nobility under Henry VII

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  • The Nobility under Henry VII
    • The threat that they posed
      • Looked to take power into their own hands
      • Henry was an upsurper, so someone else might try and do the same
      • They had been at the heart of many of the century's political upheavals
      • Slowly gained more power under previous kings
      • Under Henry VII, the number of nobility had decreased
      • Angry at the fact that Henry VII reduced their power subtly.
    • How did offering inducements help Henry control the nobility?
      • Loyal supporters gained more land and higher titles through Patronage
      • Order of the Garter, which was a significant honour, gave them prestige rather than land.
      • King's Council showed sign of King's confidence
      • Great Council meant that they were unable to criticise any major decisions as they were involved.
    • How did issuing threats help Henry control the nobility?
      • Acts of Attainder, which could be reversed for good behaviour
      • Between 1497 and 1500, no Acts of Attainder were passed
      • Bonds and Recognisances
      • Henry asserted his feudal rights
        • Wardship
        • Marriage
        • Livery
        • Relief
        • Escheats
      • Limited retaining but made sure he didn't fully get rid of it
      • Made sure he gained through Crown Lands, which gave Henry more power


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