The Nile Delta

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  • Environmental impacts
    • The Nile Delta
      • Economic impacts
        • Huge effect on fisherman in the river
          • Water moves slower so fish river ecosystem will eventually be destroyed
      • Social impacts
        • Delta being eroded more so properties will be lost
        • Property prices will be reduced
    • Aswan High dam
      • River discharge fell from 35 billion m3 per year - 10 billion m3
      • Sediment volume fell from 130 million tonnes - 15 million tonnes
      • Erosion rates jumped from 20-25m per year to over 200m per year
    • Caused by:
      • Water withdrawals from industry, cities & farming from reservoir behind dam
      • Sediment being trapped by reservoir & dam; water in reservoir flows very slowly so sediment is deposited


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