The New Right and the Family

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  • New Right Perspective on the Family
    • Important in securing social stability
      • Providing emotional security for children
      • Socialization and respect for social and moral values and norms
      • Traditional gender roles
    • Traditional family is under threat from modern changes
      • Rising divorce rate
      • Step families
      • Lone parents
      • Cohabitation
      • Births outside marriage
      • Gay marriage
      • These cause a lack of discipline and antisocial behaviour
    • Decline in traditional family and rise in lone parent families contributes to the emergence of a dependency culture
      • Dependency culture- a set of values and beliefs and a way of life centred on dependence on others, particularly benefits from the welfare state
    • The government could reverse the decline of the traditional family by reducing divorce and births outside marriage and the reduction of welfare state benefits to non-conventional family units


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