the new deals american 1930s

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  • 1930s New Deal
    • first New Deal 1933-34
      • jobs for 18-25 year old men
        • popular inn 30s, offered relief to young American men to give them sense of woth and work, not just hand them money
        • relief
      • federal emergency relief act- 500M dollars direct aid given by states
        • went to poorest of the poor
      • civil works administration= 900M (highway, teachers) to get economy moving again
      • opened up banks, convinced them money is better in bank than anywhere else, set up deposit insurance so would insure their savings incase banks went bankrupt again
      • relief
      • recovery
        • agricultural adjustment act
          • compensated farmers for low prices
        • public works administration
          • 33B for public works (airports, schools) hopefully will provide jobs and get economy moving again
        • national recovery administration
          • join, sense of national pride, gov working together with business and labour to get urban indsutrai lecnom moving again
            • tried to do things for workers, ended child labour
      • responses
        • critics on right; excessive gov intervention
          • argue American liberties undermiend and becoming like SU but these critics in minority
        • critics on left
          • not gone far enough; Frances Townsend plan to give 200D to all over 60 as long as thye spent it all, gets them out of work and helps economy get moving but how to fund this?
          • american's want more at this time
    • Second New Deal 1935
      • works progress administration- 4.8B Dollars of public works
      • social security act; eunemployemnt and old age insurance
      • Wagner labour relations act= alowed collective bargaining and promoted union meebrship (focused on urban)
      • Revenue act 1935= provide high level of taxes on rich, known as the rich act
      • banking act of 1935- stregnthned role of gov in terms of organising
    • 2nd term set backs:
      • 1936 election= some see Roosevelt as socialist/looking for change, re-elected
      • 1937= sets out visino for further change, all unemployemnts went down in his first 4 years, but 'one-third of nation ill-housed' and 'ill nourished'
      • seemed to become simialr to dictator, tried to enlarge supreeme court with people who supported him and if they were too old he replaced them, people wanted reform but not a dictator
      • sense that he is overreaching his power
      • cap placed on money given to economy and then 1937-39 faces another recession


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