The New Deal (Topic 1)

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  • The New Deal
    • Roosevelt's aims: To recover the US from the GD
    • Roosevelt's actions: First 100 days of his presidency he took unprecedented action. Congress passed 15 major bills the affected unemployment, relief, industry, agriculture, banking, transport and the currency
    • The second New Deal: Introduced new measures in 1935 that shaped the US for the next 50yrs. Included the creation of the Works Progress Administration, the Social Security Act, a new Wealth Tax and the National Labour Relations Act
    • Argubaly Roosevelt founded the modern American welfare state, reduced autonomy of individual stats and transformed the institution of the presidency
      • However, the New Deal didn't challenge capitalism, his policy seemed to replicate those of Wilson's and Hoover's. It didn't redistribute national income and he was reluctant to engage in massie deficit spending


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