Nervous System

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  • The Nervous System
    • Job to detect stimuli to coordinate behaviour
      • Stimuli is changes in environment
        • Eg sound, light, smell, temperature
    • Human Body
      • Chemical Receptors> Nose (smell) Mouth (taste)
      • Light Receptors> Eyes
      • Pressure, Temp, Pain> Touch
      • Sound, Detect Position (balance) >Ears
    • CNS (Brain) which process information (Relay Neurone)
      • Sensory Nerurone
        • Receptors
          • Stimuli
      • Motor Neurone
        • Effectors (Muscle of Gland)
          • Response
      • Synapes between each neurone, sends chemical impulse
        • Electrical impulses carry through the rest of the nervous system
    • Reflexes
      • Responces that are reiqured to protect you and are quick
        • Don't involve brain
          • Would cause a delay
        • Stimulus
          • Sensory Neurone
            • Relay Neurone
              • Motor Neurone
                • Effector


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