The Nazis Propaganda

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  • The Nazis   propaganda
    • Hitler used fear tactics and propaganda to ensure his success in the elections
    • Hitler wanted to use this tactics to make sure only Nazis ideology and  benefits of the regime were shown
    • Hitler appointed Mr Joseph Goebbels as the minister of propaganda and national enlightenment
    • "Winning people over with to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape"
    • His main were to spread the idea the superiority of the Aryan race, greatness of the Germany and adoration of the fuhrer
    • Anyone who wanted to perform, publish or paint had to be a member of the chamber
    • In 1933 Goebbels used propaganda to control the arts by establishing the Reich chamber of commerce
    • Because the of chamber system this now introduced censorship
    • The people could only access material approved by the Nazis and protest art was illegal
    • To eliminate existing books against Nazis ideology Goebbels organised book burning events. The first was on May 10th 1933
    • The same level of censorship also happened in the film industry. The Nazis controlled the release and production
    • The films supported key Nazis, such as the film eternal jew - Jewish people  were compared to rat and linked to the spread of disease
    • The popularity of cinema gave the Nazis an ideal place spread their ideas
    • Before a film start it would show newsreels show Nazis success and party broadcast
    • To ensure the Nazis messages were spread across country they organised the sale of cheap radio called "the people receivers"
    • Radio rose from 4.2 million radios in 1933 to 16 million in 1942
    • Hitler was seen powerful and God like leader
    • Goebbels declared the Hitler myth (the creation of Hitler) as a heroic strong all powerful leader as one of his greatest achievement
    • Hitler held  rallies giving eloquent, dramatic speeches
    • Public spaces were legal obliged to play speeches & broadcast


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