The Nazis' Programme

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  • The Nazis' Programme
    • New Programme
    • A symbol (the swastika)
    • Group of thuds (SA) to beat up critics at party meetings
    • The Munich Putsch
      • Nov 1923 Hitler felt his party was ready to take over government
      • 8 Nov 1023 Hitler supported by General Ludendorff tried to take over the local gov. in Munich
        • The SA took over Gov. buildings and arrested officials
        • Next day: SA were confronted by armed police, battle ensued leaving 16 SA dead
      • Hitler went on trial for treason, which was a media sensation
        • During the trial he always put forward his political opinions and was very critical of the gov.
        • The judges were impressed, General L was acquitted and Hitler was sentenced to 5 years
        • Hitler only served 9 months, but during this time he wrote "mein kampft" and realised that he needed to change his tactics and be democratically elected


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