The Nazi Regime 1933-1945

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  • The Nazi Regime 1933-1945
    • Opposition
      • Former opponents with the socialists and communists.
      • Churches
        • Martin Niemoller - once a Freikorps member, Christian Minister  who created a confessional church against the Nazis. Sent to a concentration camp, due to be executed but freed by allies before the end of WW2.
        • Dietrich Bonhoffer - Trained men to become ministers, left to work in London, when Niemoller's church was set up he returned and then the Gestapo closed down his college, he freed 14 Jews and was then executed in 1945
      • Edelweiss Pirates - Working youth who were a passive resistance against the Nazis, they listened to Jazz and had sex. punishments was a beating and their heads shaved. However some were hanged due to the killing of a Hitler Youth Leader was murdered.
      • The White Rose Group - Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst, university students in Munich who spread anti-Nazi hate. The Nazis branded them as enemies of the state and in 1943 they were sentenced to death and executed.
    • Women, Workers and Children
      • Women
        • Worked in factories during the war.
        • Medals for the amount of children they had.
        • Kinder, Kurche, Kuche. Kids, church and cooking.
          • Despite all this the birth rate doesn't rise and steadies due to men being in the war.
      • Youth
        • Hitler Youth, boys training to be soldiers through activities.
        • League of German Maidens teaching women to be good house wives and work in factories.
        • Boys learned in classes, PE, History, Math and GEOGRAPHY to show them LEBENSRAUM -Living space, showing what the ToV caused.
          • Germany was made to look smaller on maps.
      • Workers
        • Un-employment fell under Nazi Rule.       1933- 6 mill 1936 - 3 mill 1939 - 0.5 mill
          • The invisible unemployed.
        • Real Wages
        • Job Creation Schemes
          • Short term jobs such as Autobahn Builders
        • 18 Year olds who weren't in work were told to spend six months in the army.
        • Strength Through Joy (KDF) - Beauty of Labour.
    • Propaganda and Persuasion
      • Volkswagen Scheme (KDF)
      • Cinema
      • Radios 70% had them
      • Gaus
      • Olympics 1936
      • SA, **, Gestapo = jobs.
      • Mein Kampf
      • Teachers told to teach Hitler's ways.
      • Nazi connection with the churches.
    • Fear and Contol
      • Reichstag Fire 1933.
      • 33 -Elections, Nazis used he SA to put pressure on voters.
      • 33-Trade Unions taken over with the leaders arrested.
      • 33-Political Parties were banned.
      • Night of the Long Knives 1934 killing of the SA, Rohm, Von Schliecher and Stresser (2 mill, thugs and Nazi opposes, Rohm was homosexual) all done to gain the support of the Wehrmacht.
      • 5/3/35 Death of Hidenburg
      • The **, Hitler's personal body guards, Aryans who could arrest people without trial.
      • Concentration Camps run by the ** to hold anyone who criticised the Nazi Regime.
        • Extermination camps that began at the start of the war 1939.
      • The Gestapo = state secret police.
      • Police and courts all under Nazi rule.
      • Kristallnacht 1938 smashing windows of Jewish shops and synagogues.
      • Goering


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