The nature of the UK as a multi-ethnic society

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  • The nature of the UK as a multi-ethnic society
    • The UK has always been a mixed society
    • Discrimination and Racism Problems
      • Racially prejudiced employers will not give jobs to certain ethnic groups
      • Religiously prejudiced employers will not give jobs to certain religious groups
      • Prejudiced landlords could refuse accommodation to certain ethnic or religious groups
      • If teachers are prejudiced their pupils could not achieve the results and jobs which they are capable of
      • Prejudiced police officers could potentially discriminate against certain groups e.g. stop and search
    • Effects
      • If groups feel they are not treated fairly they will feel alienated and work against society
      • Some politicians believe that young black people turn to crime because they do not feel that they can get well paid jobs
      • Some politicians believe some young people turn to extremist groups because they feel that they cannot succeed in a prejudiced society, this could led to terrorism
      • It can lead to the rise of groups like the BNP which stirs up hatred
      • If a multi-ethnic society is to function well, all members must be treated well
    • Benefits of a multi-ethnic society
      • Less chance of war
      • Good progress: new ideas and new ways
      • More variety of food, music, fashion and entertainment
      • Help people to see others as part of the human race and that we are similar


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