The Nature of God

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  • The Nature of God
    • God is personal
      • anthropormphized
        • however, human language does not humanise Him enough
    • God is all
      • omnipotent
        • he is able to do everything
        • cannot be limited in any way
      • omniscient
        • God knows the past, the present and the future
          • God is timeless
          • God is spaceless
          • God is immutable
          • immortal
          • eternal
          • everlasting
          • God comprehends everything and has no gaps in his knowledge, and no ability to learn anything new
      • omnipresent
      • omnibenevolent
        • all - good
    • God is God
      • aquinas
      • nature and existence of God are the same thing
      • God is not composed of parts
    • God is unchanging
      • he is perfect and lacks nothing
      • God is immaterial
      • God is the ground of all change so has to be unchangeable


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