the nature of God

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  • the nature of god
    • all loving
      • "love thy neighbour"
      • "god made man in his own image
      • parable of the prodigal son
      • unconditional love/ agape
      • forgive people ("forgive your brother 70 times 7"
        • Anthony Walker's mum forgave murderers
    • all powerful
      • genesis (7 day story and adam & eve)
      • feeding of 5000 (miracle)
      • "nothing is impossible for god"
      • respect god's plan
      • be a good steward
    • Just
      • fair, equal value, equal rights, discrimination
      • good Samaritan story
      • sheep and goat story- judgement day
      • "we will all stand before the judgement seat of god"
      • fight discrimination like MLK
    • all knowing
      • god knows everything in past, present and future
      • crucifixion
      • "for god is greater than our hearts and he knows everything"
      • accept suffering as a part of life
      • forgive, trust, pray
      • omniscient


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