The Nature of Allah

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  • The Nature of Allah
    • Muslims believe in one God,Allah (Tawhid
      • Allah is seen as a supreme being with supernatural power and so must be shown the utmost respect
      • He is believed to be the sole creator of the world and everything within it
        • As the sustainer of the world he therefore rules and controls it
    • Characteristics
      • Transcendant - Allah is above and beyond anything that exists - difficult to understand
      • Immanent - Allah is close to every human being and everything in the universe is connected with him
      • Omnipotent - Allah is all-powerful and there is nothing more powerful
      • Beneficent - Allah is all-loving and cares for all his creations
      • Merciful - Allah is compassionate and forgives peoples' wrongdoings if they repent
      • Allah is fair in the way he judges peopl
    • Allah and the Qur'an
      • The Qur'an teaches that Allah has 99 names.
        • These help Muslims to understand the nature and characteristics of their God and to relate to his
      • Subhah - 99 prayer beads to remember 99 names of Allah
      • Examples of names of Allah
        • Al Quddus: The Most Holy
        • Al Mumit: The Bringer of Death
        • Al Salam: The source of peace
    • Characteristics of Allah are important
      • They enable Muslims to understand Allah more and show him respect
      • Muslims can develop a closer relationship with God
      • All Muslims worldwide can accept them and share their beliefs in a meaningful way
      • They are contained in the Qur'an so Allah must want Muslims to know them


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