The nature of Alexander II's Government

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  • Other Central Govt. bodies
    • The nature of Alexander II's Govt.
      • Local Govt
        • Landowner jurisdiction til 1861, village issues = mir
        • Emancipation 1861 - nobility no longer had a political role (now down to local police)
        • 1864 Zemstvas  elected members votes by landowners, urban dwellers & peasants. Electors - property qualification
          • Urban Duma tougher elections (left out  urban proletariat)
            • Both only in greater Russia
      • Role of Chuch
        • Relied on govts for money, Pobedonostsev tightened senior clergy control, few dissented
    • Senate acted as supreme court.
      • Promoted tsar's manifestos
      • Confirmed nobility titles
      • Landowner boundary disputes adjudicicator
      • Final court of appeal
    • Personal Chancellery of his Imperial Majesty
      • Tsar's personal secretaries & secret police
    • Imperial Council of State (1810) advised on legal/financial matters
    • Council of ministers  - 13 e.g. war, domestic affairs, finance, Chief procurator of Holy Synod


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