Animals within Of Mice And Men

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  • The natural world and animals is used by Steinbeck to explore the difficulties faced by the characters in the novel. Discuss.
    • Candy and his dog
      • "This ol' dog jus' suffers hisself all the time"
      • "crippled"
      • "that dog stinks"
      • "led the dog into the darkness"
      • "I ought to have shot that dog myself"
    • Lennie
      • Sheep - "bleated"
      • "snorting into the water like a horse"
      • Beat - "paws"
      • "Somebody'd shoot you for a coyote"
      • Rabbits
      • "Oh, she don't mind, she let me"
        • affinity with animals (opposite to Curley's Wife)
    • The Brush
      • "Hide in the brush 'til you come"
        • Safe place
      • Cyclical nature of the novel
      • Calm in C1 // Rough/wild in C6
      • Snake - Violent. Cruel. Everything is easily replaced.
    • Rabbits, mice, puppies
      • An Ode To A Mouse
      • Future cats and rabbits - they don't live as one
      • Nature changes
      • Vulnerable, small, disposable
        • Lennie easily breaks them


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