Munich Putsch 1923

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  • The Munich Putsch 1923
    • November 1923
      • Hitler believed time had come to topple Weimar Government
      • 8th November Hitler highjacked a meeting of local ~government
        • Declared he was taking over government of Bavaria
          • Ludendorff joined him
      • 8.11.1923
        • Troops stormed a meeting in the Beer Hall
          • Hitler forced those their including Kahr and Lassow to support him
            • Storm Troopers took over the building
    • Storm Troopers
      • Took over government buildings
      • Unemployed young men
    • Weimar Republic
      • Fought back against the storm troopers
        • 16 Nazis killed by police
        • Police rounded them up
      • Hitler miscalculated the feelings of the people
        • People did not rise to support him
      • Hitler arrested and charged with treason
      • 9.11.1923
      • In crisis
    • Hitler
      • Disastrous period for Hitler
      • When he went to trial for treason got lots of publicity
        • Press wrote about what he said
        • Impressed the judges and got off lightly
          • Only 5 years in prison rather than life
            • Only served 9 months
              • This was significant as he had gained support and sympathy from key legal figures
      • Joined forces with Kahr and Lossow
        • To take over Munich
        • They called off the rebellion
          • Hitler had 3000 troops ready
      • 55,000 members
    • Failed coup attempt by Hitler
      • Disaster in the short term
        • Tried to take advantage of struggles faced by Weimar Republic
    • Results
      • Nazi party banned from speaking in public until 1927
      • Hitler realised would not come to power by revolution
        • Had to do it by constitutional methods
          • Nazi Youth
          • Propoganda
          • Mergers of parties
          • ** as personal bodyguard


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