The Multi-store model of memory

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  • The Multi-store model of memory
    • Sensory memory
      • Several stores called sensory registers. Echoic- sound, iconic- visual, olfactory- smell, haptic- touch, gustatory - taste
      • Capacity - quite large. Sperling gave participants a grid of 12 letters. They remembered 4.5/12 letters
      • Duration: depends on the register. Information in the iconic register lasts for 0.5 seconds.
      • Encoding: stored in its raw, unprocessed form.
    • Short-term memory
      • Capacity of short-term memory: Jacobs. used a digit span technique, increased numbers in a sequence by 1 every time. Participants recalled between 5 and 9 items.
      • Capacity of STM: Miller. Suggested that the STM does have a limited capacity and it is between 7+/-2 chunks.
      • Duration of  STM: up to 30 seconds. Peterson and Peterson gave participants trigrams, then they had to count back in 3's.When the delay time was short participants recalled 80% of information, After an 18 second interval recall was 10%
      • Encoding in the STM: information is encoded and retained via an acoustic code, we repeat information verbally to ourselves. Conrad found that similar words were recalled less well than dissimilar sounding words
    • Long-term memory
      • Capacity of the LTM: seen as being unlimited
      • Duration of LTM: indefinite. Bahrick et al- yearbook photos of classmates
      • Encoding in the LTM: semantic


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