Multi Store Model

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  • The Multi-Store Model
    • STM
      • Coding: Acoustic
      • Capacity: 7 +/- 2 items
      • Duration: up to 30s
      • Rehearsal loop
      • Any information not rehearsed is lost
    • Sensory register
      • Echoic (sound) information
      • Iconic (sight) information
      • Haptic (touch) information
      • Any information not attended to is lost
    • LTM
      • Retrieval into STM
      • Coding: Semantic
      • Capacity: Unlimited
      • Duration: Up to a lifetime
    • Evidence
      • Sperling: People could recall 72% full table, 75% single row. Info decays rapidly in sensory register
      • Glanzer & Cunitz: Serial position effect, primary/recency effect, supports role of rehearsal
      • Scoville & Milner: HM study. Supports idea that STM/LTM different stores,
    • Evaluation
      • S: All evidence, provides clear account of process of memory, PET/fMRI scans show different areas of brain for STM/LTM, clear model- has led to many discoveries.
      • W: KF- shows STM has two different types, oversimplification, some things easier to remember than others, rehearsal does not guarantee move from STM-LTM.


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