The Mormons In Salt Lake

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  • The Mormons in Salt Lake
    • It was an area that was uninhabited. Nobody could attack them. Part of Mexico
    • Separated areas of land to people's needs. Had an irrigation system.
    • There was no private ownership of Land or water.
      • Couldn't become a state until it banned polygamy.
        • 1858. Mormons offered pardon for Massacre. Accepted gentile gov and US control
    • Young became the first governor of Utah in1896.
    • Recruits from Europe
    • Wanted it to be an independent state (Deseret) in 1848. America gained the land
      • Ignored US laws which caused non-Mormon gov to be spent in 1857.
      • 140 non-Mormon travellers killed. Blamed local Indians. Mountain Meadow Massacre


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