The Mormon Migration

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  • The Mormon migration
    • Joseph Smith
      • Founded the Church of Latter-Day Saints - known as the mormons
      • Taught mormons to obey him because he said his decisions were inspired by God
      • Murdered in Illionois is 1844
    • Reasons for Mormon persecution
      • The practise of polygamy
      • Their success
      • Their police force, the Danites
      • Their desire to free slaves and be friends with the Plains Indians
      • Their so-called blasphemy
    • Journey to Great Salt Lake
      • When Joseph Smith died, Brigham Young became leader
      • The Mormon's persecution in Illinois forced him and 1500 others to find land that no one else wanted - near the G.S.L
        • When Joseph Smith died, Brigham Young became leader
      • To make the journey he;
        • split everyone into groups, each with a leader
        • Gave everyone a specific role
        • Taught them how to form their wagons into a circle for safety
        • Insisted on discipline and regular rest
    • Comparing the Donner Party and the Mormon migration
      • In 1847, Young led an advance party along the route that the Donner Party took in 1846
      • Donner Party relied on a leaflet whereas Young had carefully planned out the route in advance
      • Donner Party ran out of food, Young's party had enough food for the year
      • Donner Party had many older & young people, Young's had specially picked 150 people with key skills to be successful
      • Between 1847 and 1869, 70,000 mormons followed along the mormon trail
    • Why were the Mormons successful in Utah?
      • Religious faith encouraged them to work hard - they didn't give up
      • Young was in control and made good decisions
      • Dug irrigation ditches which meant farm land had enough water
      • An Emigration Fund provided the resources to help thousands or Mormons to emigrate to Utah


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