The Montagues

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  • The Montagues
    • Personality
      • Montague is Romeo's father - head of the Montague family
        • Montague can be violent and angry - he wants to fight Capulet in A1 S1 but his wife holds him back
        • He hasn't done much to stop the feud
        • He cares about Romeo and wants to cheer him up
        • Only the death of Romeo and Juliet is shocking enough for him to end the feud
        • He will honour Juliet by making a statue of her in pure gold
      • Lady Montague is peaceful
        • She stops Montague from fighting at the start of the play
        • She is relieved when she hears Romeo was not involved in the fight
        • She dies of grief when Romeo is banished to Mantua
      • The Montagues are involved in the violent feud
        • You don't see much of the Montagues as the Capulets are more significant characters
        • Romeo's parents have two main roles in the play
          • Montague is blinded by his hatred of Capulet and therefore doesn't realise the feud is foolish and dangerous
          • Montagues are a contrast to the Capulets - They seem kinder, but also detached and distant when compared to the Capulets who are very bossy, overbearing and involved in Juliet's life
    • Themes
      • Conflict - We understand that Montague initiates conflict between the two families and is therefore equally to blame for the death and destruction the feud has caused
      • Love - The Montagues care deeply for Romeo and want him to be happy - they are mortified when he is banished from Verona and they try to change the Prince's mind
    • Quotes
      • "Thou villain Capulet!" Act 1 Scene 1
        • Explanation mark conveys the emotional force behind the shout - his anger for Capulets is deeply ingrained in his mind
        • Romeo's father is equally guilty of allowing the feud to stop - he has the power and authority to do this but instead channels it into aggression for Capulet
        • The pejorative noun "Villian" shows Montague's utter content for Capulet over a grudge long forgotten
      • "Not Romeo, Prince" Act 3 Scene 1
        • Romeo's parents care deeply for him
        • They speak up against authority to fight for their son


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