The Miners Strike

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  • The Miners Strike
    • Margaret Thatcher
      • Won  the 1983 general election
      • The first and only female prime minister
      • People had strong opinions on her
        • They either loved her or hated her
      • She decided to close down all of the nations mines
    • The Strike
      • The strike lasted for a year
        • The miners were got no pay for the duration of the strike
        • People got no coal for the duration of the strike
      • The strikers began to crumble so excepted higher pay to go back to work
        • Strikers who excepted the money were known as scabs
      • The mines were considered as being uneconomic
      • People were given food parcels during the strike to feed the strikers and their families
    • Edward Heath
      • Won the 1970 election
      • Un employment continued to rise
      • Trade unions were strong
      • Miner strikes of 1972 and 1974 caused 3 day working weeks
      • He created policies which were later called "thatcherisms"
    • 1982 Employment Act
      • Trade unions had to have 30% yes votes to strike
      • Secondary picketing was also banned
    • NCB - National Coal Board
      • They controlled the mines
      • Ian Macgregor was the head/ leader
    • Stock Pilling
      • They stock pilled to prepare for the miners going on strike
      • They stock pilled coal for months before the strikers
    • Arthur Scargill
      • Leader of the miners
      • A gift to the miners
      • Unwilling to compromise
      • Socialist
    • The Police
      • Police were given extra pay to sort out the strikes
      • Miners were panned from travelling
      • Riots happened between police and strikers
    • National Ballot
      • A national ballot wasn't called
        • This is illegal
      • The strike happened in spring so people didn't need coal
    • The Battle Of Orgreare
      • Near Rotherham
      • 29th May 1984
      • Police came from all over the country
      • All the miners came from all over the nation
      • The miners stopped coal from coming out of the mines and storage
      • Many people were injured on both sides


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