Media as a cause of crime 2

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  • The Media as a cause of crime
    • Increasing Relative Deprivation
      • left realist argue the media helps to increase the sense of relative deprivation
        • this is because they present the high, luxury lifestyle that some can't achieve
      • Lea and Young
        • The mass media has spread a high standard image of lifestyle that those unemployed or have low wages feel a sense of relative deprivation
      • The media present everyone with images of the 'good life/ materialism
        • especially those in marginalised groups, the pressure to conform can cause deviant behaviour when the legal ways are blocked
      • EXAMPLES
        • TV programmes such as Made in Chelsea portray a lavish lifestyle as the norm
        • Technology adverts such as the iPhone portray this idea that you need the latest model to be up-to-date
    • Moral Panics
      • Another way the media can cause crime is through labelling individuals and groups as criminal or deviant
      • The media can often campaign for a crackdown on 'problematic groups'
        • This results in negative labels of the behaviour and even a change in the law
      • Moral panic is public anxiety or alarm in response to a problem regarded as threatening the moral norms and values of society
      • Criticisms
        • It assumes societies reactions to crime is always an over-reaction when it actually may not be
        • McRobbie + Thornton
          • Moral panics have less impact in today's modern world as we are all used to 'shock, horror' stories and so don't react
        • It is now harder for the media to create moral panics because of the change in values and diversity
          • in the 50s, single motherhood was seen as deviant however now it is now an accepted family type
    • Global Cyber Crime
      • Another type of media is the world wide web
        • The internet has been accused of corrupting the young and undermining public morality as well a rising criminal activity
      • Thomas and Loader
        • Cyber crime is computer mediated activities that are illegal or illicit and conducted through global electronic networks
      • Types of Cyber Crime
        • Cyber Trespass
          • Crossing boundaries into other's cyber-propjty like hacking
        • Cyber deception & Theft
          • Identity theft through getting bank details and violation of property right like illegal downloading
        • Cyber ***********
          • Opportunitiesfor children to access pron on the net
        • Cyber Violence
          • Psychological harm or inciting physical harm
            • Cyber-stalking (sending undated, offensive emails.
        • Criticisms
          • However, new information and communication technology provides police and state opportunities for surveillance and control


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