The Media as a cause of crime

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  • The Media as a cause of crime
    • There has been concern that the media can have a negative effect on attitudes, values and behaviour
    • There are many way in which the media can be argued to cause crime
      • It can encourage criminal behaviour,
      • increase fear of crime
      • lead to labelling of groups/ moral panics
    • Encouraging criminal behaviour
      • Ways the media have been accused of encouraging criminal behaviour
        • Imitation
          • James Bulger's killers watched a video and copied it by murdering the boy
        • Arousal
          • Any sexual videos or movies can encourage sex crimes
        • Transmitting knowledge of criminal techniques
          • The social networking scene transmits knowledge on hacking which is an offence
        • Stimulating desires for unaffordable goods
          • London roots show that a way of getting desirable goos is to steal
        • Portraying the police as incompetent
          • With the Simpons it shows the police as not good at their making criminals think they can get away with it
        • Glamourising offending
          • Grand Theft auto makes offending look cool and glamours
      • Bobo Doll Experiment
        • This case study helps to explain how what people watch and observe influences and encourages their behaviour
      • Criticism
        • Greer and Reiner
          • Lets not pretend that we don't understand what crime means on T.V
            • We are smart enough to know that it is entertainment
    • Increasing Fear of Crime
      • The media exaggerates the amount of violent and unusual crime
        • They also exaggerate the risks of certain groups of people becoming its victim, creating an unrealism fear of crime
      • Gerber et al
        • Heavy users of television (over 4hrs a day) had higher levels of fear of crime
      • Schlesinger and Tumber
        • Found a correlation between media consumption and fear of crime
          • Tabloid readers and heavy t.v users expressive greater fear with becoming a victim especially physical attack
      • Statistics
        • Crime is committed in England and Wales every 5 seconds
          • Police spend nearly 22,000 hour processing arrests
          • Police arrested 4 people a minute in england and wales
        • more then 1/3 of over 50s are too afraid to leave their homes because of becoming a victim
          • 47% of over 75s were to afraid to go out after dark
          • 61% requested more police to be on the street as well as better lights, CCTV and safer transport
        • Older people are effectively becoming prisoners in their own home


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