The marxist view of education

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  • Marxist view of education
    • ideological state apparatus
      • louis althusser
      • eduction brainwashes students into accepting the values of capitalism. therefore wont change this system
      • most effective way for the ruling class to maintain control as they cant use force
    • learning to labour
      • paul willis
      • boys who formed anti school subculture ended up in low status jobs
        • this subculture helped them deal with alienation
        • only preventied them form challenging the bouregoisie
    • correspondence principle
      • bowles and gintis
      • school similar to the workplace. this operates through a hidden curriculum
      • children treated similar to adults to get them used to future exploitation
      • produces willing subsequent workforce to make profits for ruling class
    • evaluation
      • postmodernists
        • out of date. social mobility class structure isn't as fixed
      • feminists
        • ignores patriarchy. willis only used boys
      • marxists
        • willis argues bowles and gintis deterministic view isn't true as people can resist yet still end up in low status jobs
        • willis romanticed the boys


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