The marxist perspective

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  • The Marxist perspective
    • structural, conflict theory
      • society as a whole, we are controlled by the social system
    • Marx's basic idea
      • our main function is to serve the economy
        • The economy is the most important part of society (infrastructure) influences the superstructure
          • economic determinism
    • substance economy
      • when humans produce enough to survive
    • capitalism
      • when people produce more than whats needed= surplus
        • people take control of the production
          • inequality
    • The bourgeoisie
      • dominant class who control surplus and economy
      • own means of production, exploit the working class
    • The proletaiat
      • working class work for bourgeoisie, exploited, false class consciousness
    • The superstructure
      • institutions in society that are shaped by economy
      • act as a ISA or RSA to reinforce the dominant ideology
    • marx's prediction
      • class consciousness and proletariat will overthrow bourgeoisie
        • communist society with no profit making
    • criticisms
      • no revolution
      • social action
        • deterministic- people have free will and agency
      • functionalists
        • There is a value consensus- too negative
      • feminists
        • ignores patriarchy and exploitation of women
      • postmodernists
        • no longer a meta narrative- too fragmented, social class moblility


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