the marxist approach to education

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  • the Marxist approach to education
    • the role of education from a Marxist perspective
      • serves the interests of the ruling class
        • by passing on ideas and beliefs that benefit the ruling class the education system serves ruling class interests
      • reproduces the class structure
        • education appears to reward students fairly based on their individual abilities but it actually favourers people from more privileged backgrounds
      • breeds competition
        • through exams and sport at school students are encouraged to accept values such as competition. this helps to maintain capitalism
      • secondary socialisation
        • working class students learn norms and values at schools that prepare them for their lower positions in a capitalist society
    • the key ideas of Bowles and Gintis
      • the main role of education is to reproduce(recreate overtime) a workforce with the necessary qualities to meet the needs of the capitalist economy. These qualities include being hard working, disciplined, obedient and reluctant to question authority
      • schools reward students who display these qualities with high grades. students who show more independence and think creatively are more likely to get lower grades
      • the education system helps to produce a workforce for capitalism mainly through the way schooling is structured and the hidden curriculem
      • Bowles and Gintis use the term correspondence principle to describe the way education and work connect or fit together (correspond) in capitalist society


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