The Making of Bonnie and Clyde Documentary

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  • The Making of Bonnie and Clyde
    • Team members
      • Robert Benton and David Newman
        • screenwriters inspired by stories of B&C, fans of French New Wave and art house cinema
      • Warren Beaty
        • producer, bought script, chose director, stated an American director was needed for French script
        • wanted Dunaway along with Penn, wanted colour in film, largely collaborated with Penn
      • Arthur Penn
        • director, explored violence, pushed boundaries, introduced juxtaposition of comedy and violence
        • took Clyde's bisexuality out in favour of impotence, more control of film due to absence of studio, wanted B&W
      • Dean Tavoularis- art director, chose locations. Truffaut- added notes to script e.g. the first scene meeting
      • Dede Allen
        • editor, female contender of auter, liked anti-hero idea, pushed sexual content boundaries
    • Film-making techniques
      • actors had voices and actions in the film making and were good friends
      • windows screen used to create disillusionment, dreamy expressionsm
      • squibs used for blood, different cameras at different speeds accentuated violence
    • Studio and Public Reactions
      • rejected by many directors as it was seen as inappropriate
      • Jack Warner disliked the film
      • severity of violence led to controversy
      • advertising was reworked leading to international success
      • Warner Bros provided money with no input on film


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