The long-term effects of exercise

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  • The long-term effects of exercise
    • Your stamina ( your ability to exercise longer) will improve
    • Muscles will increase in size and produce greater strength
      • When a muscle is trained, small tears are created. As they heal, they become thicker. This process is called hypertrophy
    • Your heart will increase in size.
      • This is called cardiac hypertrophy and it means your cardiac output increases. Your heart is able to deliver more blood and therefore more oxygen to your working muscles, and remove more CO2 and other waste products such as lactic acid
    • Your resting heart rate will be lower.
      • Bradycardia is the name given to a slow resting heart. A resting heart of under 60 beats per min  in adults is considered bradycardiac
    • Your body will change shape almost certainly for the better because exercise helps keep the body weight down
    • Increase in strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, improvementspeed and flexibility (suppleness)


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