The liver continued

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  • The liver continued
      • Key role is to BREAK DOWN and  RECYCLE old ERYTHROCYTES. Product of this is BILIRUBIN which is EXCRETED as part of bile and in faeces.
    • BILE DUCT:
      • A main function of liver cells is to manufacture BILE. Bile CANALICULI run alongside the sinusoids. These carry bile from centre of LOBULE to outside where it enters a BRANCH of the bile duct.
      • Transports the bile to the GALL BLADDER.
      • Level of nutrients in body need to be controlled so they do not become harmful.
      • Excess GLUCOSE causes OSMOTIC STRESS. Excess IRON can cause iron DEPOSITS in tissues.
      • Excess VITAMIN D can cause elevated CALCIUM levels, ANOREXIA, NAUSEA and KIDNEY FAILURE.
      • Excess VITAMIN A can be fatal.
    • SINUSOIDS: VESSELS within the hepatic portal vein. Sinusoids are adapted for exchange of materials between blood flowing through sinusoids and the HEPATOCYTES.
    • Compared with normal capillaries sinusoids are WIDER and blood flow is SLOWER. Walls are more POROUS and composed of 1 layer of THIN cells.
    • Many pores between cells and there is NO BASEMENT MEMBRANE. Blood flowing through sinusoids is in close contact with surrounding hepatocytes.


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