The Line Paradigm. Asch 1951

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      • 50% conformed on 6 or more critical trials.
      • On the critical trial the average conformity rate was 33%
      • 25% never conformed
      • 123 male US undergraduates
        • P's were told that they were taking part in a visual perception test
          • Each group had 1 true p and 5 confederates
            • Task was to state which line (A,B,C) matched line X. The answer was obvious but the confederates diliberately said the wrong answer
              • Real participant always went 2nd to last
                • 12/18 confederates gave same incorrect answer. (critical trial)
                  • rate of conformity was measured by the number of wrong answers the real participant said.
    • THE AIM
      • To investiagate the effects of majority influence on conformity
      • Asch concluded that he had demonstrated the powerful effect of a group on the conforming behaviour of individuals
      • When Asch interviewed his participants he found that the majority who conformed still maintained their own personal views but said something different. This is a normative social influence and an example of compliance.


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