Lib state key issues 1911-1918

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      • THE POLITICAL SYSTEM: parliment was made up of middle class professional people who represented the interests of their own class.
      • political development was hampered by the attitude of the church who no one wanted to challange due to the fear of political alienation ll
      • lthere was no parlimentary challange to the liberals due to the lack of political opposition and the fact that only 25% of men had the vote
      • politicians shared the same liberal ideology and had few formal political parties.
        • politicians formed goverments by offering positions to other members for support them. tended to be short liived as they could withdraw their support if they were offered a better deal = trasformismo
      • massive economic expansion in the North (fcar industry was a great sucess Fiat) dispite ths living standards remained low
        • social discontent towards goverment
      • protests against unemplyment and food shortages = between 1901 -1911 over 1500 strikes
        • social discontent towards goverment
    • SOCIAL
      • UNIFICATION Italy was newly unified in 1870. this meant they struggled to create identity and unite citizens. 99% spoke different languages and therefore couldnt communicate
      • THE NORTH SOUTH DIVIDE: the north was thriving industrially but the south was being left behind and
      • There was little/ no opposition in liberal italy. However there were tensions eith the Church


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