The Levellers

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  • The Levellers
    • Leveller leaders
      • John Lilburne - fought for parliament but disliked presbytarism
      • Richard Overton and William Walwyn - pamphleteers
      • all arrested and imprisoned, supposedly without a proper trial
    • The levellers believed in complete freedom of worship. This meant they were opposed by landowners and parliament who believed Church authority was essential in stopping anarchy
    • "A Remostrance of Many Thousand Citizens" 1646
      • petition supporting imprisoned leaders and calling for reforms
        • Annual elections
        • confiscation of crown revenue
        • removal of unreasonable laws
        • end to forced military service
      • Parliament ignored it, but were alarmed by the demands and growing leveller support in the army
    • The Putney Debates, 1647
      • Discussion between Cromwell and Levellers / ordinary soldiers
      • after their petition was ignored, the levellers drew up more proposals
      • no progress: fundamental disagreement over who should be in government
      • Corkbush Field
        • Army had just lost control of Charles, so Cromwell ended the debates by killing a mutinous soldier
    • Leveller Impact
      • more of a minority pressure group
      • had little support outside London
      • Cromwell easily restored discipline in the army
      • made negotiations harder as they raised more issues


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