League of Nations

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  • The League of Nations in the 1920s
    • Successes in the 1920s
      • Aaland Islands
        • Sweden and Finland
        • Concerned who was the rule the islands
        • Islanders wanted to be ruled by Sweden
        • League awarded to Finland and Sweden accepted
      • Upper Silesia
        • Germany and Poland
        • Concerned who was to keep Upper Silesia
        • Plebicite was held and result stated that it should be under German rule
          • However, in rural areas there was a majority Poland vote.
            • League suggested a partitionWest -> PolandEast -> Germany
      • Mosul
        • Iraq and Turkey
        • Turkey wanted to claim Mosul
        • League condemned the action and Turkey accepted
      • Bulgaria
        • Greece and Bulgaria
        • Greece ordered to pay reparations following an invasion on Bulgaria.
        • Greece accepted ruling however felt as thought they had been unfairly treated in comparison to the Corfu Incident
    • Failures in 1920s
      • Vilna
        • Poland and Lithuania
        • Polish army seized the city and Lithuania appealed to League
          • Poland was asked to withdraw troops but denied.
            • Matter was handed over to  conference of ambassadors where Vilna was awarded to Poland
      • Ruhr
        • Germany failed to pay reparations
        • France occupied the Ruhr with the objective of stealing coal, iron and steel equal to the reparations
        • The outcome gave the impression that the League was merely a "victors club"
      • Corfu
        • Italy and Greece
        • 1923 Mussolini ordered a naval bombardment and occupation of Corfu
          • In response to the murder of an Italian general
          • Italy demanded  compensation
        • Greece appealed to League whose initial response was to condemn Italy.
        • Court of Ambassadors ordered Greece to pay compensation and Italy to withdraw troops
        • Final impression
          • bullying tactics paid off
          • Greece paid excessive compensation
          • Exposed the League's weaknesses when dealing with more powerful countries
    • League's Agencies
      • Refugee Organisation
      • Health Organisation
      • Financial Organisation
      • International Labour Organisation
      • Slavery Commission
      • Disarmament Commission


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