Political and governmental change, the later years of the FRG

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  • The later years of the FRG
    • 1969: FRG got its first SPD chancellor, Willy Brandt
    • CDU/CSU split between 'Atlanticists' (carry on working with the West) and 'Gaullists' (wanting to work with East).
    • Erhard: introduced high taxation. Couldn't form a coalition so resigned
    • Brandt: for the policy of Ostpolitik. Lost 1972 election but found it was due to a spy and so resigned
    • CDU/CSU/       SPD formed 'Grand Coalition'
      • Formed when economy was declining and growing violent political hostility towards government
        • Small extremist groups such as students
    • 1969-82 the government was a SPD/FDP alliance with SPD chancellors Brandt and Schmidt


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