The Beginning of the Korean War - what happened?

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  • The Beginning of the Korean War - what happened?
    • The Truman Doctrine stated that the USA would help to fight communism in all countries across the world.
      • Cuba
      • Korea
      • Vietnam
    • Japan controlled Korea from 1904 to 1945, but after World War II, the North was controlled by the USSR and the South was controlled by the USA.
    • Two separate governments were set up in the North and the South.
      • Kim Il Sung took power in North Korea, and formed a communist government.
      • Syngman Rhee became the President of South Korea, who was an anti communist.
    • Syngman Rhee was a very corrupt leader and soon became very unpopular among the masses.
      • In April 1950, there were elections where Syngman Rhee performed very badly.
      • Most of the people of the South voted for unification with the North.


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