The Kite Runner chapter 22

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 22
    • Sohrab represents Hassan
      • Both ***** by Assef
      • Irony
        • Sohrab saves Amir from Assef using his slingshot
    • 'I popped another one in, unaware that it would be the last bit of solid food I would eat for a long time' Page 253
      • Foreshadowing the damage done to Amir in his fight with Assef
    • Page 255 we see Assef's view on the Hazara massacre
    • '"How is that whore these days?"'
      • Personification of America
        • America has relied on other countries to become what it is today
    • Page 257 description of Sohrab links to Amir's description of Hassan
      • "Chinese doll face of my childhood"
        • Delicate
      • "His head was shaved, his eyes darkened by mascara and his cheeks glowed with an unnatural red"
        • Show's he's been *****
    • Page 261 Amir's finally defending himself by telling Assef everything that's wrong with him
    • Page 262 'Sohrab's eyes flickered to me. They were slaughter sheep's eyes'
      • Same look Hassan had when he was *****
        • Both victims
    • Amir's fight with Assef is his way of making it up to Hassan
      • Redemption
    • "Let him watch. Lessons are a good thing for boys" Page 264
      • Links back to Amir watching Hassan get *****
        • Amir learnt lessons following the ****
    • Use of vivid description of the fight
      • With each injury Amir links it back to Hassan
        • Amir injured Hassan


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