The Kite Runner Chpt 2

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 2
    • Use of figurative language throughout “a face like a Chinese doll chiseled from hardwood” pg 3
    • “Eyes that looked, depending on the light, gold, green even sapphire” The light is a metaphor for Amir
    • Stream of consciousness which addresses other issues
    • “But he never told on me. Never told that mirror, like shooting walnuts at the neighbour’s dog, was my idea” pg 4 Foreshadows the theme of blame and guilt
    • Use of listing for Amir’s house emphasises the luxury he had as a child
    • “a modest little mud hut where Hassan lived with his father” - Juxtaposes Amir’s house, symbolises their positions in society
      • Use of listing for Hassan’s mud hut again further use of juxtaposition
    • “You!. The Hazara! Look at me when I’m talking to you!’ - shows the social position of Hazara’s compared to Pashtuns which is what Amir is
    • “there was a brotherhood between people who fed from the same breast, a kinship that not even time could break” pg 10 - irony
    • “Mine was Baba. His was Amir. My Name” “and all that followed- was already laid in those first words” foreshadowing


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