The Kite Runner chpt 19

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 19
    • Amir has always been a tourist within Afghanistan
      • Luxurious western lifestyle even as a child
        • Kabul very westernised
          • Amir has never really been exposed to the real Afghaninstan
    • Page 213 provides context over how Afghanistan has changed since Amir left
      • Page 214 juxtaposes the description of Afghanistan at the start of the novel
    • Page 215 Farid is able to figure out that Amir has never truly experience any hardship in his life
      • Farid is very honest
      • Amir doesn't really have any connection with Afghanistan
        • Links with Billy Prior
          • Conflict has led them both to feeling like outsiders within their own countries
    • Farid's house and lifestyle on page 217 juxtaposes Amir's lifestyle
      • Farid and his family are still civil even though they are struggling due to conflict
    • '"Tell the rest of the world what the Taliban are doing to our country"' Page 218
      • Context before 9/11 there was little coverage by the media
    • 'I sensed Afghanistan humming under my feet. Maybe Afghanistan hadn't forgotten me either' Page 222
      • Personification of Afghanistan
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