The Kite Runner chpt 17

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 17
    • "I pray that this latest letter finds you in good health and in the light of Allah's good graces" Page 199
      • Hassan still protects and respects Amir
        • Still acts as his servant
    • The chapter shows how Hassan has become a good father because of Ali
    • Letter's are Epistolary form
    • "Alas the Afghanistan of our youth is long dead" Page 200
      • Context
        • Taliban have invaded
    • "He was screaming at her and cursing saying the Ministry of Vice and Virtue does not allow women to speak loudly" Page 200
      • Feminist theory
    • Hassan has remained very religious
      • Hosseini referencing the Taliban and Religion
        • 11th September 2001
          • Made a stereotype of Muslims
            • Hosseini showing how there is not connection between the Muslim faith and the Taliban
              • Hosseini UN Ambassador for Afghanistan
    • The reference on the Pomegranate tree page 201 metaphor for Amir and Hassan
    • The letters show the Afghanistan a young modern reader would have grown up hearing about
    • "like hanged corpses rotting in soccer fields with bloored grass" Page 201
      • Foreshadowing
    • Page 202 shows the context behind the treatment
    • 'But all I could manage was to whisper "No. No. No." over and over again' Page 203
      • Amir can never make it up to Hassan
    • 'Now everyone in the room was either dead or dying. Except for me' Page 203
      • Punishment?
    • '"Rahim, a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything.' I wonder is that what you've become?"' Page 204
      • Guilt trips Amir into pursuing this tast
        • Amir wants to prove his father wrong one last time
        • "What I'm asking from you is to grant an old man his dying wish."
      • Rahim Khan is Amir's conscience
    • "I didn't need any of this ****" Page 205
      • Colloquial language
        • Very western
    • '"You goddamn bastards" I screamed. "All of you, you bunch of lying goddamn bastards!" Page 206
      • Baba has committed a sin
        • Amir can't deal with the fact that Baba is a sinner
          • Doesn't want elements of his life changing
        • Stole someone's wife


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