The Kite Runner chpt 12

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 12
    • Use of romantic language
      • Love spontaneous
      • Page 132 the langauge is very exaggerated especially as he can't talk to her due to tradition
    • Use of language shifts throughout from romantic to medical
      • Shows the shift in scenarios
    • The marriage is very quick, Afghan tradition
      • Soraya needs to get married because her past has prevented her previously
    • Pg 132 "After I met Soraya Taheri, every night of the week became yelda for me"
      • Amir refers back to Afghan traditions to describe Soraya
    • "I invented excuses to stroll down the aisle - which Baba acknowledged with a playful smirk" page 133
      • Shows Baba and Amir have become closer because of America
        • Irony as it will also tear them apart
    • '"The man is Pashtun to the root. He has nang and namoos." Nang, Namoos. Honour and pride." page 134
      • Amir and Soraya's marriage is embedded with tradition
    • Page 135 for Amir to talk to Soraya is daring as this could cause gossip amongst the Afghan community at the flea market
    • Baba talking about Soraya having no suitors is irony as he slept with another women page 137
      • Shows gender standards men are respected for sleeping another women if they're married whereas women doing the same thing is frowned upon
        • Foreshadows the events in chapter 21
    • Soraya's treatment of her servant juxtaposes how Amir treated Hassan
    • "Because later that week, Baba caught a cold" page 141
      • Structure builds tension and signifies the switch to medical language
        • Hoessieni's a doctor
    • "Bowing my head to the ground, I recited half-forgotten verses from the Koran" page 142
      • Baba and Amir don't own a prayer book
      • Throughout the novel Amir turns to religion in times of need
    • '"What about me, Baba? What am I supposed to do?" I said, my eyes welling up' page 144
      • Amir needs to mature
        • Matures only slightly when he becomes a carer to Baba
        • He begins to stop judging other people
    • Structure: page 145 the progression of Baba's cancer
    • Pathetic Fallacy when Baba collapses "The sky darkened as a crowd gathered around us" Page 146
    • Page 151 Soraya's story
      • Feminist theory
    • Structure of the last paragraph in chapter
      • Amir is envious that Soraya can tell him her secret
    • Baba and Amir now have a better understanding of each other
      • Baba is now more forceful as a parent


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