‘The Kingdom of Jerusalem was secure by 1143.’

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  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem was secure by 1143.’
    • support
      • process of taking coastal cities continued with the help of the Italian mercantile communities, which ensured the flow of pilgrims and wealth
      • relative weakness of the Muslims continued and there were some military victories
      • founding of the military orders, which brought extra manpower
    • against
      • relations with the eastern Empire were worsening and posed some threat
      • problems with the succession brought in newcomers to the ruling house whose attitudes ran contrary to existing policies
      • internal rivalries were developing which led to conflict
      • emergence and increasing frequency of the idea of jihad was growing
  • This was a successful period for Jerusalem and that the problems that appeared were of no immediate impact for security
    • However, the foundations for long-term problems were laid during this period.


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