The Kingdom of God: Importance of Charity

All these mindmaps are the AQA revision guide condensed further so everything is very condesed and simple 

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  • Importance of Charity
    • " Love your neighbour as yourself" - Mark = showing love to others
    • SVP (St. Vincent de Paul Society)
      • international that works locally
      • offers friendship + surrport
      • members visit people in need in their homes or hospitals + prisons
      • help individuals with practical needs e.g. shopping + chores
      • may run summer camps for children or provide food for homeless
    • CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas)
      • official charity in England + Wales
      • aim = help people living in poverty to become more self reliant - nationally + globally
      • provides emergency aid after natural disasters or war
      • help victims of disasters by providing long - term aid e.g. farming equipment so they can make their own food
      • challenges national + international laws or policies which hurt those living in poverty e.g. campaign against policies that contribute to inequality or climate change
      • provides legal assistance to those threatened by actions of companies e.g provide help to farmers who are in danger of losing land to large companies


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