The Killing

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  • The Killing (Danish Version)
    • Nordic Noir
      • "Realistic, simple and precise and stripped of unnecessary words"
      • Multi-Layered Storylines
        • Intellectual Puzzles
          • Rick Altman
          • Deciphering the plot and forecsting the ending
      • Slow pace
      • Dimly lit
    • Released in 2007; 20 Episodes; 1hr Each
      • Now available in a boxset
        • Allows audiences to binge watch
    • Requires a high level of mental engagement
      • "Realistic, simple and precise and stripped of unnecessary words"
      • Non-Danish speakers have to read subtitles
    • Visceral Pleasure
      • Audience feels 'Gut' Responses with characters
        • E.g. Nanna's terror; audience feels scared too
    • Representation of Women:
      • Sarah Lund; Mother, Working Mother, Fiancée
        • 'No Nonsense'
          • Her sweater became synonymous with this and was sold worldwide
        • The only female character that manages duel roles
      • Nanna Birk Larssen; Daughter, Friend, Teen, Victim
      • Pemille Birk Larssen; Mother, Wife, Sister
      • Rie Skovgard; Politician, Lover
    • Contains taboo content
      • Bortstin
      • The audience finds pleasure in seeing things it shouldn't
    • Has been turned into a Netflix show for American Audiences
      • Had to be made into English to be more accessible for Americans
    • Was broadcast in the UK on BBC 4
      • Danish and British Culture are similar


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