The kendal project

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  • The Kendal project
    • paul heelas and linda Woodhead, Lancaster uni, 2000-2002
    • study spirituality and religiosity of congregational domain and holistic milleu
    • Kendal- representative location
    • congregational domain
      • traditional practices
      • headcounts of people attending church on sunday 26/11/2000
      • 7.9% population
    • holistic mileu
      • marketplace of NAM's
      • difficult to research, no formal setting, they didn't consider themselves spiritual
      • interviewed, questionnaires, content analysis
      • 1.7% population
    • conclusion
      • congregational domain in steep decline since 60's. holistic mileu non exsistent in 70's compared to now
        • yellow pages analysis
      • if same rate occurs there will be a spiritual revolution in 2025


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