The Kapp Putsch

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  • The Kapp Putsch
    • 1920: Eberts government was struggling to control the Freikorps.
      • 1920 MAR: freikorps units near Berlin were to be disbanded
        • In fear of being unemployed they turned their arms against the republic.
          • 5000 armed men marched of Berlin.
          • soon controlled the city: put forward a nationalist politician Wolfgang Kapp, as a figurehead leader.
    • members of the real Gov fled in fear of their lives.
      • they urged people not to cooperate and instead go on strike, as they could not put it down by force.
        • many workers obliged: they didn't want to see the return of the Kaiser.
        • essential services - gas, water etc. - stopped and the capital ground to a halt.
          • after 4 days, Kapp realised he could no govern and he fled but was caught and put in prison.


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