The Journey West

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  • The Journey West- Problems on the Journey
    • Preparations and Problems on the Journey
      • Migrants needed to complete the journey before winter or risk getting stuck
      • Weather conditions were extreme- both ways
      • The main problems were getting stuck, ill or running out of supplies.
      • Migrants needed enough food to survive. Many ate salt pork
      • It was safest to travel by wagon trails of 20 or more. Each member of the group would have a specific skill.
      • Early Migrants used explorers as guides, later written guides were used.
      • The best time to travel was April as there was enough grass to feed cattle and time to arrive by winter.
      • The biggest killer was cholera as travellers were using the same water as toilets.
    • The Donner Party
      • In May 1847 the Donner Party left Missouri for California with 300 people.
      • The wagons were well equipt and followed the Oregon trail. The group had more women children and elders than standards.
      • By July, they reached Fort Bridger in the Rocky Mountains and a part of the group decided to take a short-cut no one else had used before.
      • The small party got lost and then got trapped in a snow storm. All the cattle died and many resorted to cannabalism. Only 46 survived.


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