The Jinx: Conventions and Theory (Christine Gledhill)

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  • The Jinx: Conventions and Theory
    • Behind the scenes footage in last episode - GOOD because audience feel involved.
      • BAD because may form an opposition to the morals of the producers (Jarecki)
    • Documentaries usually tell events of HOW the event happened
      • HOWEVER, The Jinx is more subjective and the timeline becomes confusing.
    • CHRISTINE GLEDHILL - different genres produce different positionings of the subject
    • Interviewer/Interviewee - you are both, because you hear the questions you would want to ask/hear if you were interviewing.
    • Storyteller/listener - listener because you are observing
    • Reader/viewer - reading signs from producers. Viewer - some people watch and do not enjoy which is how positionings differ
    • Positioned to feel shock, anger.


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