The Internet

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  • The Internet
    • The INTERNET is the WAN.
    • The World Wide Web is the pages and information
    • LAN/ WAN
      • A LAN is a network spread over a small geographic location
      • A WAN is a network spread over a large geographic location
    • Key terms:
      • IP addressing
        • Each node on a network has a unique IP address that it is used to identify it on a network; the IP address changes frequently
      • MAC addressing
        • Is a unique code that doesn't change as it is built into the Network Interface Card; which connects the device to a network
      • Packet
        • A section of the document being downloaded,
      • Protocols
        • Controls how data is transmitted over networks
      • HTTPS
        • Is a webpage in which the data being downloaded is encrypted
    • Standards
      • HTML
        • Hyper Text Markup Language, it is the standard language used to edit webpages, which ensures all computers will open webpages similarly
    • Networking policies
      • Disaster recovery
        • A plan which instructs on what to in an emergency. Such as: backing up data
      • Failover
        • If the software detects a danger then the server transfers the operations to an external system
      • Backup
        • Frequently backed up data, can be used to access lost data in the future
      • Archiving
        • Stores data that has not be used/acessed in a long time and stores it for future use or legal purposes
    • File types:
      • JPG
        • High quality images
      • PDF
        • Documents
      • GIF
        • Simple animated images/ compressed images with a bit depth of 8 bits
      • MPEG
        • High quality videos
      • MP3
        • Audio files


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