The Internet - Connecting to Internet, Mobile Access, Censorship and Accuracy

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  • The Internet
    • Connecting to the Internet
      • Dial Up
        • Very slow and limited use
        • However, if only a light user, might be cheaper than broadband
      • Broadband
        • Not available everywhere
        • Expensive
        • Not penalised for heavy use if you have an unlimited package
        • Streaming can be used
        • Cheap calls using VOIP
    • Mobile Access to the Internet
      • Advantages
        • Acces from wherever you are
        • Work more productively because you can do things instantly, rather than return to office
        • Increase in real-time collaborative working / video conferencing
        • Work from home is an option
      • Problems
        • Affects home/work balance
        • Expensive if using mobile phone
        • Poor connectivity
        • Security problems eg. Hacking
        • Network overload at peak demand
    • Censorship
      • Little control over what can appear online
      • Positives of Non -Censorship
        • Freedom of Information
        • Commerce
        • Wikileaks
      • Negatives of Non - Censorship
        • Many undesireable things can appear online (terrorism, ****, child abuse etc)
    • Accuracy
      • Virtually anything can appear online - no restriction on authorship
      • Up to the viewer to determine the accuracy of online information


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